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Name: Viv Dixon | Country: Chile | Age: 24

Happy B-day Anette!, have a nice day and a really good celebration with all the people you love. Thanks for another year of your beautiful essence!

Hugs from Chile


Name: Citlalhit | Country: Mexico | Age: 19

Dear Anette

I want to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you have the best moments with your family and friends. Now, you have another year of life to enjoy, relax, have fun. Hopefully one day I can see you in with your beautiful smile on stage,  singing as always. I miss you so much: ‘(.

I hope you meet all your new purposes. Here always have a faithful follower that wait for your next projects 🙂
A lot of hugs and good wishes for you! and again Happy Birthday!!



Name: Patricia Paez | Country: Paraguay

Happy Bithday Anette! I wish you all the best in your life and solo career. I hope you stay on the same way, like you are. I keep the hope to see you sing on my country someday and meet you. I hope that this will be the best day of your life.

I wish you a Happy Birhday with all my heart.



Name: Rodrigo Canchola | Country: Mexico | Age: 21

Hi Anette! Well, first of all I wanted to wish you a happy bithday! This is a very special day!!
Second, I wanted to thank you! Even when we don’t meet personally, you’ve inspired me (and many people, I can say). Those words you use to say, that kind smile you always have!
The picture above is very important to me, because you are smiling to me! When I saw that, I was extremely happy !!
Thank you for your wonderful voice, your sweetness, your kind words…. Thanks! Keep on and never loose that smile in your face!


Name: Alex | Country: Uruguay | Age: 20

Hello Anette! happy birthday! 😀 I hope you have a really nice day with your loved ones!
And I hope you recive some nice gifts too ;)!
Well my name is Alex, I’m from Uruguay, I’m 20 years old, and you are one of my biggest idols :).
I really love and appreciate you, you are such an amazing person, Im glad your voice had reched my ears (haha) I think you have a really beautiful voice, I use to listen to your songs when I feel sad, or bad for some reason, it really works!
I was hoping to meet you on december when Nightwish came to Argentina, well it couldn’t be, I was so sad at the moment, but although I live far away from you I know that I will meet you one day, I dont care if it takes 20 years, I know it will happen and it will be awesome :).
I wanted to say to you that, please dont stop doing music, keep on, you are amazing Anette! You will always be my favourite singer!
Well I’m gald you have such a nice family!  Want an Anette Olzon album soon! 😉
There are many thing taht I want to say to you but I don’t want you to get bored if you read all this!
Lot of kisses and a big hug! 🙂

PD: sorry if I wrote something wrong, my english is not perfect! and yes, again, I LOVE YOU!


Jukka Wearden

Name: Jukka Wearden | Country: Mexico | Age: 19

Dear Anette:
I just want wish you a great and happy birthday with Mio, Seth, Nemo and Johan.
I want say to you takns a lot because with your voice i meet synphonic metal and you are my inspration to be a great drummer and play good music because  you show to all the world “i don’t care what is saying the world, I love me and i’ll show to all am great” and that way i wanna be like you, tanks for your beauty, for your music with Nightwish, Pain, Alison Avenue, The Rasmus, Michael Bormann, Cloudscape, Brother Firetribe and be yourself you are a great example of life for me and a lot of people.
Today in 1971 was born an angel of music who will live forever.
Jag älskar dig från Puebla Mexico och födelsedagen, kitos sorja enkei.
 Your fan Jukka Azrael Wearden
Name: Anette Olzon our Princes (Facebook Group)

Happy Birthday dear Anette,

We’re a small group in fb which is called, Anette Olzon our Princess! In this day we hope that all your wishes make come true with this great family that you have. We’re still glad with your most important project that you have in life that is your family. No matter what happen we support you in future. Thanks for still blogging so as to keep in touch with us, thanks for your charism and music. At last, for teaching us when people come up with difficulties, always with good vibes will find solutions.

Love, Vera

Anette. O. Our Princess Staff. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


yass (1) Yass

Name: Yass | Country: Mexico

Happy Birthday Anette, my name is Yass and want to tell you I admire you from the first moment I saw you, because impact me your beauty, besides I love your voice. I love all the songs I’ve heard you sing. I would love to meet you in person at the Imaginaerum tour since the Dark Passion Play could not attend, but also want you to know that my support accounts in your solo career and  I hope to hear news about you soon 🙂 Have a wonderful day with your loved ones! (The drawing was done by me and wanted to show them)


Name: Blanca Bernal | Country: Paraguay

Anette, from Paraguay we wish you Happy Birthday! We love and admire you so much. We also wish you success in your  future project that you have planned, we want you to say you we will always support you.

I want to meet you, hopefully you have the opportunity to visit South America, especially Paraguay;)

Much love from Paraguay.



Name: Dana | Country: Mexico | Age: 20



Name:  Ramsés Nazareth | Country: Mexico | Age: 18


happy b day anette

Name: Hermes | Country: Bolivia | Age: 20

Hey Anette! I just wanted to say happy birthday! not only one of my fav singers of all times, but one role model as person and singer. Thank you, for what you are, for what your voice sends to my soul. I hope someday I can meet you in person and tell you how much I admire you. Hope you’re having the best time on your b-day. From Bolivia, the best to you. Until we finally meet!! 🙂 You are incredibly amazing and as far as I’ve seen, the most humble person ever.



Name: Aaron | Country: Mexico


cumple anette

Name: Luciana and Pablo | Country: Argentina | Age: 23


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